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Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Terrace, (states/regions/territories), Canada

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adam brody, adam garcia, aim, alex suarez, androgyny, backstreet boys, bandom, barack obama, bb david, blair waldorf, boy meets world, boys kissing, boys who like boys, brendon urie, brian kinney, brian/justin, british accents, bromance, castiel, chace crawford, chocolate, christina perri, chuck bass, chuck palahniuk, chuck/blair, cobra starship, conan o'brien, coyote ugly, csi, cuddling, cupcakes, david archuleta, dazzling, demi lovato, dirty dancing, dorky boys, ed westwick, emile hirsch, emily fitch, emily/naomi, emmett honeycutt, eyeliner, fall out boy, family guy, fangirling, frank iero, friends, gabe saporta, gale harold, gerard way, gossip girl, gum, hands, harry potter, hayley williams, hey monday, hips, i'm chuck bass, ice cream, icons, jake gyllenhaal, jared leto, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jim sturgess, johnny depp, jon walker, jon walker's lisp, jonathan jackson, joseph gordon-levitt, justin taylor, kate winslet, kathryn prescott, katy perry, keltie colleen, kittens, legs, leighton meester, leonardo dicaprio, lips, love, love songs, luke pasqualino, man love, matt nathanson, mclovin, mean girls, mike bailey, movies, my chemical romance, nicholas hoult, nick hoult, nightmare before christmas, nikki sixx, noses, obama, old disney, panic at the disco, panic! at the disco, paramore, paul rudd, piercings, pineapple express, placebo, porcelain and the tramps, qaf, queer as folk, quotes, reinventing ♥, river phoenix, robert pattinson, rpattz, rupert grint, ryan ross, ryan's monotone, sarcasm, saved by the bell, seth rogen, shia labeouf, sid jenkins, sin city, skins, slash, sour patch kids, spencer smith, spice girls, steve sandvoss, superbad, supernatural, tattoos, taylor swift, ted schmidt, ten inch hero, that's what she said, the beatles, the doors, the hush sound, the lion king, the non-judging breakfast club, the o.c., tim burton, tony stonem, twilight, vicky-t, victoria asher, why so serious?, will & grace, wincest, you-know-how-i-know-you're-gay?, ~*dazzle*~
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